Scandi Styling
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Quality finishes for kitchens, bathrooms and joinery

Scandi style is inspired by neutral colours and wooden tones of the landscape, addnatural materials such as timber, linen, concrete and stone to create layers to flow from room to room. Scandi style is known for simple design, clean lines and open spaces, It's functionality makes it practicaql for everyday living.

Key features in scandi style kitchens are minimal colour palettes such as white on white walls, ceilings, decor and even floors. Add wood grain open shelves and features to achieve that organic element and a sense of warmth. harness the light from outside with lots of windows and minimalist window treatments.

Albedor door designs suited to scandi style kitchens are flat panel doors or vertical lines and opt for handle free cabinets as less is more with scandi style.

Albedor colours/finishes suited to scandi styles are whites and cool greys in satin, matt and super matt combined with timber grain navurban finsihes.