Traditional Style

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Quality finishes for kitchens, bathrooms and joinery

Traditional style kitchens are less likely to date, it's based on grand design and a handcrafted feel that incorporates lots of detail and ornamentation to make them elegant and luxurious.

Key features in traditional style kitchens are textures anb colour, a deep rich marble or granite makes for a gorgeous bench top. Large islands are essential they create the heart of the home for entertaining or can be used as a breakfast bar. Traditional kitchnes mix different material from stone to wood to give the room a comfortable layered look.

Albedor door designs suited to traditional style kitchens are simple recess/shaker doors with frames, cap mouldings, decorative trims and kickers.

Albedor colours/finishes suited to traditional styles are whites, taupes, greys and greens in plain, satin, matt and super matt finishes.