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Ornate Items

ornate itemsAlbedor's Ornate Items are manufactured to the highest quality double sided White MR (for paint). This product is supplied raw to be painted/finished by others to a colour/finish of your choice. Ornate Items are unavailable as a Thermo Formed colour/finish.

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Aluminium Frame Doors

Albedor Aluminium Frame DoorsAluminium Frame Doors offer innovative solutions for a wide variety of applications. An extensive selection of profiles and inserts help you create the smooth, clean lines for today's modern kitchen. Doors can be supplied assembled ready to install, or as a kitset ready for assembly. Select from True Reflections, Glass, Perspex or Acrylic insert material.

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Roller Doors

Roller DoorsTambortech Roller Doors offer a product of the highest quality, design and functionality to complement evolving trends and styles, to ensure an outstanding interior concept. With a comprehensive range of materials to match most applications, including: Thermo Formed and paintable MDF/White, with a wide size range. Installation is fast and easy.

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Wrap Around Panels

Wrap Around PanelAlbedor's Wrap Around Panels enable end panels to be wrapped on the return side, without any unsightly joins. Wrap Around Panels are available in all finishes and various thicknesses to suit both modern or traditionl cabinetry designs.

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Wine Rack System

Albedor Wine Rack SystemAlbedor Industries Wine Rack System creates a focal point in your kitchen. Albedor's Wine Rack System allows you to custom size your wine racking to best fit your available space. The Wine Rack System is available in all Albedor products including Thermo Formed, Ultra Finish. Wine holder face trims are available in Black, White and Stainless Steel.

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