Lineal Doors
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Quality finishes for kitchens, bathrooms and joinery

Albedor's Thermo Formed lineal doors provide the ultimate in reliable, durable and easy to clean surfaces, at an affordable price.

Backed by a 7 year manufacturer's warranty, Thermo Formed lineal doors are available in a comprehensive range of designs as well as a selection of finishes and colours. Please note: Some designs may not be available in certain finishes.

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lineal doors

Carol   Cassandra   Tanya   Amy
Carol   Cassandra   Tanya   Amy

Claire   Erin   Terrie   Faceline Vertical
Claire   Erin   Terrie   Faceline Vertical

Chevron   Faceline v12   v groove vertical    
Chevron   Faceline v12   Vgroove Vertical    

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