Recessed Doors
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Quality finishes for kitchens, bathrooms and joinery

Albedor's Thermo Formed recessed doors provide the ultimate in reliable, durable and easy to clean surfaces, at an affordable price.

Backed by a 7 year manufacturer's warranty, Thermo Formed recessed doors are available in a comprehensive range of designs as well as a selection of finishes and colours. Please note: Some designs may not be available in certain finishes.

The below designs are all available with Bolection Mould, Regency Lines and Tails options. Refer to Variations page for examples. Please note all door designs available as Arched profile except designs with Bolection Mould.

Select the individual design below to view more detailed information and finish/colour availability...


recessed doors

Belinda   Monique   Rachel   Sheree
Belinda Square   Monique Square   Rachel Square   Sheree Square

Belinda WL   Monique WL   Rachel WL   Sheree WL
Belinda Square WL   Monique Square WL   Rachel Square WL   Sheree Square WL

Rachel Double Step   Sheree Bolection Mould    
 Rachel Double Step   Sheree Bolection Mould     

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