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Albedor Accessories

Albedor Decorative Panels

Decorative Panels

Albedor Decorative Panels are available in an extensive range of routed designs and can be finished in most Thermo Formed colours or raw for paint.

Panels are available as full sheets or as finished sizes, in both 18mm and 25mm MR MDF and are available in both portrait and landscape perspectives.

Albedor Roller Doors

Roller Doors

Tambortech Roller Doors offer a product of the highest quality, design and functionality. Roller doors are available in a comprehensive range of finishes including all Thermo Formed colours as well as in paintable white MDF.

Albedor Wrap Around Panels

Wrap Around Panels

Albedor Wrap Around Panels enable end panels to be wrapped on the return side without unsightly joins. Wrap Around Panels are available in all Thermo Formed and NAV Urban colours and finishes and in varying thicknesses.

Albedor Ornate Items
Ornate Items

Albedor Ornate Items are manufactured using MR MDF double sided white substrate for paint finish. This product is supplied raw, to be painted by others in a colour and finish of your choice. Ornate items are UNAVAILABLE in Thermo Formed colours and finishes.